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    Tips for Dealing with Frozen Sprinklers

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Irrigation systems can experience damage from frozen water in the winter. When water inside an irrigation system freezes, it expands and sometimes causes cracks or holes in the piping. This damage allows water to leak out after the ice thaws, which can result in expensive water bills, inadequate irrigation, and moisture damage. Read on for tips on handling your frozen irrigation system.

    Prevent the Problem

    Protecting sprinklers from the cold before they freeze is the best approach. Ensure that covers and other openings are weather-tight. Protect the irrigation system's expensive backflow prevention device by draining it, wrapping it in a towel, rotating the valve handle at a 45-degree angle, and covering it with a bag. A professional irrigation company can help you fully winterize your sprinkler system.

    Consider Professional Maintenance

    Some people attempt to repair their own frozen irrigation systems, but this can be difficult and result in further damage. Simply knowing how to replace pipes isn't enough—you need to know how to handle electrical components, the automatic controller, and other parts safely and without causing further damage. If your sprinkler system is frozen, contact an irrigation professional for advice and winterization services right away.

    Make Maintenance and Repairs Easy

    Whether you maintain your irrigation system yourself or seek professional assistance, you should be sure to keep all components easily accessible for maintenance. Remove snow from valves and hydrants to allow for continual inspection. Keep track of maps and other information about your irrigation system. Finally, be sure that you have the number of a reputable irrigation company on hand in case something goes wrong.

    If you are concerned about the irrigation system on your Rockville property, contact Hydro-Tech Irrigation. Since 1991, we have been a locally-owned and operated company. Ask us your questions about winterizing your irrigation system or other lawn services by calling (703) 263-2266.fro

    Winter Lawn Care to Prepare for Spring

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Winter can be a tough time for plants, but with a little preparation, you can keep your lawn strong through the cold. With the right care, your lawn will look great when spring arrives.

    This video explains why you should apply post-emergent herbicides and make chemical adjustments to your lawn during the winter. It also discusses the different approaches you can take to care for warm season turf and cold season turf.

    Hydro-Tech Irrigation provides the irrigation supplies and services you need to take care of your lawn in the winter, including winterization services. We are a locally-owned company that serves the Rockville area. Find out how we can help your lawn in the winter by calling (703) 263-2266.

    Basic Lawn Watering Regimens for Every Season

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Watering a lawn with an irrigation system is convenient, but you still need to make sure that you do not overwater or underwater the grass. Lawns require different amounts of water during each season, and providing your lawn with the right amount of irrigation at the right time will keep your yard looking great. Continue reading to learn basic watering techniques for each season.

    Spring is a season that typically provides more rain than others, so you may not need to water your lawn as often. You can invest in a rain gauge that shuts off your irrigation system when it detects plenty of rainfall. Spring is also a time when many people garden. If you're putting in new plants or re-sodding your lawn, water every day that you work to keep plants from drying out while they are establishing their root systems.

    The heat of summer makes many people think they should set their irrigation system to water their lawns daily. However, watering your lawn too often can cause more harm than good, as the plants will not build deep, strong root systems when water is available near the surface. Only water your lawn about twice per week, but do so for long periods so the ground is thoroughly soaked. The plants will grow deeply to get at the water they need.

    Fall brings cooler temperatures, so you don't need to water your lawn as much. However, fall also brings fallen leaves, which can block water from reaching your lawn. Be sure to remove dead leaves and other debris to keep your irrigation system effective.

    Before a deep freeze arrives, water your lawn well so the plants are prepared to survive the cold. You should also make sure your sprinkler system is prepared for freezing weather. Contact your irrigation professionals to ensure that you properly protect your sprinkler system.

    Hydro-Tech Irrigation provides irrigation systems and services and can help you water your lawn well year-round. We specialize in residential, commercial, and athletic irrigation systems in Rockville. To find out how Hydro-Tech Irrigation can help you, visit our website or call us at (703) 263-2266.

    Find More Valuable Irrigation System Tips and Information When You Visit These Resources

    Last updated 2 years ago

    There are many ways you can take better care of your yard. In addition to installing a rain sensor, you can use a drip or sprinkler system for your plants. For more information about yard irrigation, click on the links below.

    Determine if you are watering your plants properly by reading this helpful HGTV article.

    Do you want a few tips for selecting a garden irrigation system? If so, stop by this page from

    Visit to learn about the different types of sprinkler heads.

    Learn all about water conservation, including how you can save water with your irrigation system, by reading this information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

    If you live in Rockville and would like to update your irrigation system, call Hydro-Tech Irrigation at (703) 263-2266.


    Sprinkler vs. Drip Irrigation Systems and Their Varying Uses

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems work great for keeping plants hydrated, and each watering method brings specific benefits to the table. Below is a comparison of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems and an overview of their varying uses.

    Comparing Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation
    The main difference between sprinkler and drip irrigation systems is the way they distribute water. When a sprinkler system activates, the sprinkler heads spray water out over a large area. Ordinarily, this spray can range anywhere from 30 to 45 feet, depending on the type of sprinkler head used. In contrast, drip systems simply allow water to trickle out over a specific place for an extended period of time. Whether you should use a sprinkler system, drip system, or both will depend on what types of plants need to be watered in your yard.

    Using Sprinklers
    Sprinkler systems are often used in yards that have plants requiring widespread, non-intense watering. For example, grass only needs about an inch of basic watering per week, making it an ideal plant for sprinkler usage. Sprinklers can sometimes be used for flower beds, fruit trees, and vegetables. However, this is not always recommended, as water from sprinkler systems may not soak deep enough into the ground for these plants.

    Using Drip Irrigation
    Drip irrigation systems are ideal for plants that need thorough watering, such as cucumbers, peppers, and squash. As a result, you will often see drip systems in gardens. Drip systems deliver a controlled flow of water that leaves the soil moist, allowing these plants to flourish and grow healthily.

    To learn more about sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, contact the professionals at Hydro-Tech Irrigation. For more than two decades, we have been providing great service to customers in the Rockville and DC metropolitan area, and we would be glad to assist you with your next project. Call one of our specialists today at (703) 263-2266. We’ll be able to answer your questions and get your new drip or sprinkler system set up in no time at all!

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